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Another Study Closed to Recruitment Thanks to YOUR Support

Saliva samples contain biomarkers—biological markers than can indicate whether or not you have a disease or are likely to develop one.  Biological markers also can be used to predict whether a tumor will respond to certain cancer treatments.  A research team at Yale University, led by Dr. Joanne Weidhaas, has identified biomarkers that can be [...]

June 2013 - Studies You Can Join

June is National Cancer Survivors Month! This month and every month, the Army of Women works to honor the lives touched and taken at the hands of this disease by fast-tracking research that will discover the causes and ways to prevent breast cancer, ending this disease for future generations. We have come so far, but there [...]

Army of Women Research 101 May Webinar

The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s Love/Avon Army of Women (AOW) is excited to provide an opportunity for researchers to learn more about the AOW initiative AND hear from Dr. Heather Ochs-Balcom, a researcher who used the AOW for study recruitment. Learn how Dr. Ochs-Balcom and her team benefited from recruiting via the Army of [...]

San Francisco Bay Area Women Who Have Not Had Cancer

We need Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander women age 20 and older who live in San Francisco, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Mateo, or Santa Clara counties and have never had any type of cancer to complete a mailed survey and phone interview developed to identify breast cancer risk factors. The survey and interview can [...]

Your Saliva Can Help Researchers Learn How To Prevent Breast CAncer

We need women ANYWHERE in the United States who have had breast cancer at any point in their lives to participate in a study investigating the effects of hormone replacement therapy and other types of estrogen exposure on a marker of breast cancer risk. Saliva samples contain biomarkers—biological markers than can indicate whether or not you [...]

Army of Women - Studies You Can Join

We are all about making progress possible – and this month we’ve made clear strides towards moving the needle for breast cancer prevention.  The Health of Women Study continues to be booming with new life, as the study now includes more than 40,000 participants.  We’ve also successfully closed recruitment for three studies launched through the [...]

April Success Stories: Three Study Closures

The month of March was marked by several successes for the Army of Women (AOW), paving the way for further progress towards our goal. The first of these great success stories is the Bacterial and Viral Diversity Study. Researchers at the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and the John Wayne Cancer Institute are interested in learning [...]

Army of Women Research 101 March Webinar

Interested in using the Army of Women to recruit for your breast research study but not sure how to get started? Considering an upcoming RFP but have never heard of the Army of Women? The Army of Women has more than 371,000 women and men (~70% without a history of breast cancer) from throughout the [...]

March 2013 - Studies You Can Join

March has already proven to be an exciting month for the Army of Women!  We successfully fulfilled and closed recruitment for the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s Bacterial and Viral Diversity study. Might a virus or bacteria also cause breast cancer? No one yet knows. This research study is setting the stage for future studies by [...]

February 2013 - Studies You Can Join

We don’t need chocolates, or flowers, or even a card!  This time of year, we only have one thing at the top of our list and it’s completely free to you!  The Army of Women is looking for research participants and you can show us your LOVE today by signing up for any one of [...]