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Archive for the ‘It Takes an Army Project’ Category

It Takes an Army - Rosemarie’s Story

Meet Rosemarie.  This is her story, in her own words… “I don’t like to call cancer a gift because it is not something that I would ever want to offer to someone else but cancer has brought me into my life in a way nothing else would have. I am truly alive and I have found [...]

It Takes an Army - Annette’s Story

Meet Annette.  This is her story, in her own words… “You can’t beat it if you can’t treat it, and you can’t treat it if you can’t find it…know your body” She shares the shock of her diagnosis and explains how anyone can get breast cancer.  Through the Army of Women, Annette hopes to educate other women [...]

It Takes an Army - Melissa’s Story

Meet Melissa.  This is her story, in her own words… “I’ve walked in their shoes, and know how they feel.” She tells us how breast cancer survivors gave her hope for a healthy future, and how she is changing breast cancer and the lives of those newly diagnosed with this disease. Share Your Story Everyone’s story is welcome. Submit [...]

It Takes an Army - Carol’s Story

Meet Carol.  This is her story, in her own words… “Okay.  What now?” She shares her fears and triumphs in picking up the pieces after treatment and how breast cancer has changed her life forever.  Today, she is teaming with the Army of Women to solve the puzzle behind breast cancer–one piece at a time. Share Your Story Everyone’s [...]

It Takes an Army - Mayra’s Story

Meet Mayra.  This is her story, in her own words… “Being a part of the Army of Women with Dr. Love is my fight for my Mom…I will do whatever it takes to end breast cancer.” She tells us about the moment she knew breast cancer changed her life.  And how she is changing breast cancer by [...]

It Takes an Army - Bonnie’s Story

Meet Bonnie.  This is her story, in her words… “With early detection and treatment, more and more women can say that they are survivors.” I’m one of those people who get annual checkups, including annual mammagrams. However, my expectation with annual mammograms was that I get the mammogram, and two weeks later I get a letter saying [...]

It Takes An Army - Sue’s Story - A 27-Year Survivor

Meet Sue.  This is her story, in her words… After surviving breast cancer, Sue looked for new meaning in life and found it in an unlikely place–her recipe for Panera Bread’s Pink Ribbon Bagel. Through out the month of October, individuals can help further Sue’s efforts by visiting the Panera Bread Facebook page ( and clicking the [...]

It Takes an Army - Moms Speak Out

Meet our Lifetime Moms.  These are their stories, in their own words… Kimberly reminds us that breast cancer strikes African American women at a younger age and in a more aggressive way. Hear from Kimberly and other Lifetime Moms talk about how breast cancer has touched their lives. And join our Lifetime Moms as they help us [...]

It Takes an Army - Mary’s Story

Meet Mary.  This is her story, in her words… She explains how Breast Cancer is “not pretty and not pink!” In January 2006 I noticed a chronically inverted nipple to be more so. Regular mammograms had never shown any problems, but as I was slightly overdue for one, I scheduled it immediately. As usual, nothing showed up. [...]

It Takes an Army - Nancy’s Story - Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Meet Nancy.  This is her story, in her own words… “I’m going to go to Heaven a little early and getting a good table.  When you get there, look for me…” It was in February 1991 that I met Donna. We worked together at a local technology company and quickly became friends. I had no idea how [...]