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Archive for the ‘Volunteer Updates’ Category

Time is Running Out to Win the Pink Vespa!

We hear the gentle prrr of the Vespa engine yet, don’t YOU want to be the one to take it home? Who will win? Could it be the army member who is currently topping our list right now? Or, could it be YOU, the one who still has yet to hit the [...]

Recruit an Army and Win a Pink Vespa

The Army of Women wants YOU to hit the streets, PINK VESPA style. We are partnering with Vespa and Lifetime Networks this October to give away a limited edition pink Vespa LX 50 to the Army of Women member who recruits the most women in the month of October and November. The top five recruiters [...]

The One Million Women Vote Starts TODAY

Don’t forget to go cast your vote for the Love/Avon Army of Women Public Service Announcement Contest! All week long, ( has been featuring our PSAs on their website. Now, you finally get to have your voice heard and vote for your favorite. The “polls” open today and will be open through Sunday, October [...]


We’re happy to announce that after launching our Foot Soldier Program, it was clear to us how many of you are ready to grab your camouflage and combat boots and start marching. We were pleasantly overwhelmed and delighted to see how many of you are willing and ready to take it to the next [...]

Help Us Win The CommuniCause Social
Media Makeover Contest!

Whoever said “ya can’t win em all” must have lost a lot. Here is your opportunity to help us win, in more ways than one! Help us win the CommuniCause Social Media Makeover Contest. Casting your vote not only not takes us one step closer to winning the contest, but it [...]

Summer Recruitment Plans

Summer’s here which means school’s out for summer, plenty of backyard barbeques and vacation! We all need a little R & R (some more than others) and we all deserve it, that’s for sure. However, we can’t take a break from remembering our cause. Sure, go ahead, slab on the SPF 30, and shield the sun [...]

EmpowHer and Army of Women

We are proud to support EmpowHer for their amazing dedication and support of the Army of Women. Our Affiliates are an important part of the Army of Women team that is changing the future of breast cancer research! To learn more about EmpowHer, please continue reading below: EmpowHer is a unique online resource dedicated [...]

Ambassador Spotlight: Soroptimist

As an advocate not only for breast cancer research, the Army of Women promotes and encourages awareness for all issues affecting women. That’s why we’ve partnered up with one of the leading organizations working to improve the lives of women and girls, in local communities and throughout the world. Soroptimist is an international volunteer women’s organization [...]

Are you looking for a way to get more involved?

What better way to mark the beginning of spring then to host a Pink Army recruiting event? If you’re itching to host an event and get your friends together in the name of breast cancer awareness, well then, now is your chance! Host something easy and get your friends and family to sign up for [...]

Important Changes to the
Army of Women website

Spring is in the air! Finally! Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead an hour, you don’t want to miss even ONE HOUR, not even ONE opportunity to get involved with the Army! With spring, comes flowers, and warm weather. That’s right, you can put away your boots, file your mittens [...]