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An Army of Women Trifecta: Three Study Closures

It has been a busy summer for the Army of Women (AOW).  Not only have new studies launched, but three studies have recently closed to recruitment – with one closing in 27 hours!  Thanks to the ongoing support of our amazing members, we now have helped research teams reach their goals for 57 studies.

The first of these exciting study closures is the Assessment of Cognitive Difficulties in Breast Cancer, led by Dr. Shelli Kesler at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. This study is using cognitive tests and MRI scans to learn more about how breast cancer and its treatments can affect the brain and cognitive functioning. The study will compare women who have never had breast cancer to women with breast cancer. The researchers wanted to enroll up to 100 women from the AOW who have never had breast cancer. Thanks to all of you, we were able to close recruitment after 27 short hours, with nearly 300 women signing up for the study. Dr. Kesler and her team are very excited and look forward to working with the AOW members.

The Breast Cancer Cognitive Rehabilitation Study, led by Dr. Patricia Ganz at University of California, Los Angeles, is another study that successfully reached its recruitment goal this summer with help from the AOW. This study is evaluating the effectiveness of a rehabilitation group intervention program for breast cancer survivors who are experiencing memory loss and concentration problems associated with cancer treatments. The research team wanted to enroll about 60 women in the study. YOU helped answer the call, providing them with 109 women interested in joining the study. The research team was very thankful for the AOW’s support, telling us,”…the women who have participated in our studies from AOW e-blasts have been terrific.”

Finally, the study Discovery of Early Markers of Breast Cancer (Phases 1 and 2), led by Dr. Isabelle Bedrosian and Dr. Abenaa Brewster at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX, closed in July. This study is investigating whether the amount of DNA damage seen in the cells in normal breast tissue may be an indicator of future breast cancer risk. The researchers wanted to enroll women who had a benign breast biopsy and then went on to develop breast cancer AND women who had a benign breast biopsy but did NOT go on to develop breast cancer. By recruiting women who did develop breast cancer and women who did not, they will be able to look for markers in the breast cells that might be an indicator of breast cancer risk. The AOW members supported this study in a huge way, providing 339 women who developed breast cancer and more than 1,300 women who did not develop breast cancer.

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