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February 2013 - Studies You Can Join

We don’t need chocolates, or flowers, or even a card!  This time of year, we only have one thing at the top of our list and it’s completely free to you!  The Army of Women is looking for research participants and you can show us your LOVE today by signing up for any one of our open research projects.

Here are a few studies looking for (lovely) participants like you! And be sure to look at ALL of our current projects here:

BEAT Cancer Study

We need women ages 19-70 in East Central Illinois or the Birmingham, Alabama area, diagnosed with Stage 0 (DCIS), I, II, or IIIa breast cancer at some point in their lives.  This study is evaluating the effectiveness of the BEAT Cancer program for breast cancer survivors. The research team will compare the effects of the intervention to usual care (written materials about exercise for cancer survivors) on short- and longer-term physical activity adherence among breast cancer survivors.

Learn more and Sign-up.

Inflammation Changes Over Time in Obese, Overweight, and Normal Weight Women

We need women– premenopausal or postmenopausal; with or without a breast cancer diagnosis–who live near or are willing to travel to the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in Tyler, Texas. The research team is studying nipple aspirate fluid and blood to determine if inflammation biomarkers are: 1. higher in breast fluid than in the circulating blood; 2. higher in obese and overweight women compared with normal weight women; and 3. more variable through the menstrual cycle of premenopausal women compared to postmenopausal women.

Learn more and Sign-up.

Discovery of Early Markers of Breast Cancer (Phase 1)

We need women anywhere in the United States who had a benign breast biopsy after January 2000 and were then diagnosed with breast cancer one or more years later.  A research team is investigating whether the amount of DNA damage seen in the cells in normal breast tissue may be an indicator of future breast cancer risk. They will compare these tissue samples to samples from women who did not develop breast cancer after a benign biopsy, enabling them to look for markers in the breast cells that might be an indicator of breast cancer risk.

Learn more and Sign-up.

Effects of Birth Control Pills on Breast Tissue

We need English OR Spanish-speaking women in the Los Angeles area, ages 18-35, who have NOT had breast cancer and are currently using or willing to start using birth control pills for 3 months.  The purpose of this research study is to gain a better understanding of the changes that may occur in the breast when women use birth control pills that contain different levels of the hormones estrogen and progestin.

Learn more and Sign-up.

Barbara said...

Sorry, I do not qualify for any of the studies.

Barbara said...

Sincerely, Barbara Snow

Sheila said...

I’ve been registered for two years now. . . waiting for something! Would really like for some study to happen in the area I live in (the south)that I could help with.

Roberta said...

Keep me in the loop fr studies in my area (Ohio).

Ann said...

I am with Sheila. Don’t you do any studies in the South?

Frank said...

Why don’t you ever do studies that include men? You do know that men get Breast Cancer!
Frank Poynter

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