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Studies You Can Join!

Tis the season to….invest yourself in making breast cancer history! The Army of Women is looking for research participants year round and you can make our season bright this year by signing up for any one of our open research projects.

Here are a few studies looking for participants like you!

Shift Work and Breast Cancer Risk Study

We need ALL female night shift workers who live in or near Indianapolis, IN!  The research team is studying breast tissue samples from women who have not had breast cancer, who have worked either day shifts or night shifts for at least five consecutive years to better understand whether wake/sleep cycle disruptions may increase breast cancer risk.

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Effects of Depo Provera on Breast Tissue Study

We need women ages 18-39 in the Los Angeles area without a history of any cancer who are currently receiving or starting intra-muscular injections of Depo Provera.  The purpose of this study is to gain a better understanding of the effects of Depo Provera, which contains a high dose of a synthetic progestin, on the breast tissue.

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Bacterial and Viral Diversity Study

We need women with and without a history of breast cancer to take part in a study being conducted at the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation in Santa Monica, California, to explore whether bacteria and viruses are found in breast ductal fluid. The researchers will also identify differences in the fluid of women who have had breast cancer and women who have not that may provide new insights into the cause of breast cancer.

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Phase Ib Trial of 2nd Generation Designer T Cells in Metastatic Breast Cancer

We need women or men with stage IV, metastatic breast cancer who live near or are willing to travel to the Roger Williams Medical Center in Providence, Rhode Island. The purpose of this Phase Ib clinical trial is to determine whether a high dose of designer T cells is better when given with or without interleukin 2 (IL2), a drug that is thought to stimulate the immune system. The researcher would like to enroll about 12 people who have received at least two prior chemotherapies that failed OR at least one prior hormonal therapy and one prior chemotherapy that failed.

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SHIRLEY said...

I am 77 years old..never had breast cancer..never had children.

Every woman I know who has had or has breast cancer has had children.

Is there any correlation in this?

Thank You.

Marcella said...

My sister had breast cancer at age 43. She never had children and was never pregnant.

Mary Anne said...

I have no history of breast cancer but had thymus radiation as a small child. I am wondering if there are any studies underway (or completed) showing whether this type of radiation increases breast cancer risk.

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