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Research Webinar: Breathe for Hot Flashes Study

In case you missed the November Army of Women Research Results Webinar, the video broadcast is now available!

We are excited to provide an opportunity to our Army of Women members to virtually meet Dr. Carpenter and her team, who conducted the “Breathe for Hot Flashes” study. The Army of Women played a vital role in the success of the study; Dr. Carpenter said they “had spent a year in clinics and obtained about the same number of women but at a significantly greater cost in terms of dollars and staff time.” The focus of the study was to investigate whether women could learn how to manage their hot flashes through breathing. Menopausal hormone therapy has been the most effective treatment for hot flashes. But there are many menopausal women who do not want to use hormones because they are concerned about side effects; additionally, hormones are not an option for breast cancer survivors.

This is your opportunity to meet the researchers and find out if the breathing techniques worked.

Sandy said...

I found this webinar very interesting but the one area not asked or commented about was the effectiveness of acupuncture. Is it possible to address whether studies have been done and what the results are? Thanks.

pauline said...

I have had breast cancer treatment 5 years ago and I still have severe menopausal symptoms, my hot flashes are every 45 minutes daily and nightly are about 2 hours apart mostly, I feel that the air pressure cycles in the weather has an effect on my flushes, I have nausea, quite a lot of pain when the flash hits and it also causes me to go to the toilet, with breathlessness and a general feeling of being really unwell in the severe ones. My flushes vary with some more severe than others. I think controlled breathing could be dangerous when the hot flush is severe, explanation - just getting enough air to breath when having a severe hot flash is hard enough.

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