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Act with Love and Make Breast Cancer History This October

We are in the midst of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and flooded by a sea of pink products asking for our financial support. It’s overwhelming and sometimes hard to navigate, and more importantly, measure the impact our dollars will have on moving the needle closer to finding the right answers about a disease that continues to kill 108 women every day.

So, you might be wondering what the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is doing that is different and innovative? Our mission is simple. We are working to understand what causes breast cancer and figure out ways to prevent it. We don’t want the next generation of young women to ever hear the words, “you have breast cancer.” We want to eliminate breast cancer from our vocabulary. Yes, it’s a lofty goal! Many might caution that our goal is too ambitious, but it’s unacceptable to watch 280,000 women get diagnosed with breast cancer every year…a number that hasn’t changed much since 2003. How are we going to accomplish our goal and the promise we have made to eradicate this disease once and for all?

As members of the Army of Women, you know our approach is all about research, and specifically research on women — all kinds of women; women with a history of breast cancer and women without breast cancer. Even with the launch of this program in 2008, many still don’t realize that healthy women play a key role in research, but they do and it’s important for them to get involved. Many times when we hear about breast cancer research, we assume the research involves only women with breast cancer. But with 67 studies launched through the Army of Women, we are proving time and time again that what we need is both: women with and without breast cancer. We need all women over the age of 18 and of every ethnicity to commit themselves to taking action against breast cancer by participating in our two signature call to action programs:

  • Thanks to many of you, who have already dedicated yourselves to recruiting friends and family to sign up, the Army of Women has grown to more than 370,000 strong! It is our goal to educate the public about what the research community is focusing on when it comes to solving the mysteries of breast cancer. And as a member of this dedicated community you are at the forefront of breast cancer research and have the power to fast-track the discovery of the causes and ways to prevent breast cancer that will ultimately create a future without breast cancer.
  • Launched to the public earlier this month, The Health of Women Study is an online study created by the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation that will collect health information from you over time through specific, themed questionnaires that you will receive every couple of months. We will ask you questions about your diet and exercise, family history, occupation, reproductive health and much more. The more data we can collect from you over time, and the more people we have in our database, the more powerful our data will be to uncover possible trends and new risk factors for breast cancer. This is an international study, so further your commitment to the cause by signing up today at! All your information is kept in a secure database, so your privacy is protected. And don’t forget to get your friends and family members to sign up as well. We will share the findings, and you also have an opportunity to propose ideas for future questionnaires. So, if you have specific research ideas or concerns, we want to hear from you!

And finally, we can’t do our innovative work without generous financial support from the public. If you are ready to take part in a different kind of movement — a movement focused on research and ending breast cancer – we encourage you to support the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. A $25 donation goes a long way for us, so visit and contribute today. By investing your dollars, yourself and your friends, you can make breast cancer history!

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