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Help Me Put an End to the C-Monster – Support the Army of Women!

On March 1, 2012, I was diagnosed with stage III Lobular Breast Cancer.  Although stage III sounds scary, I have several excellent prognostic indicators (biomarkers), and fully intend on living to a ripe, old age.

I have always valued scientific inquiry, and especially now that I am making important decisions about my own health.  With so many decisions to be made when first diagnosed, I now will also have to make choices regarding prevention and how to prevent my cancer from returning for the rest of my life.  For me, knowledge is key!  I would like to make these choices based on facts and that is why I find the work of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s Love/Avon Army of Women so important.

American born, I am currently living in Germany with my husband, a German citizen, and my two bi-lingual sons. I work at an American army base with the children of military parents as a pediatric physical therapist and I truly feel I have the best job in the world. When I’m not working, I enjoy many things—but one of my favorite activities is hiking with my German girlfriends.

I am looking at my battle with cancer in the way I look at the annual four-day hiking tour I do each year with my German girlfriends. Every year, I look up at the “gipfel” (peak) and am sure that this will be the year that I will wimp out and take the gondola midway. And, every year, my friends push me through it and I have yet to take the gondola. This is the same thing. The “gipfel” and cancer, I can overcome both.

This year, my friends and I dedicated our annual hike to raising awareness and money for the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s Love/Avon Army of Women.  The hike took place on July 12th-15th through the Scharzwassertal area of the Alps, minus one – me.  I am asking friends and family—and you—to support the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s Love/ Avon Army of Women in their mission to identify their target, the causes of breast cancer.  In their mission to eradicate breast cancer, donations can be made in honor of “Haubzach Fort”, my hiking group, at:

I have been truly blessed with an outpouring of support from my friends and family. Each and every word/gesture of support has meant the world to me.

Thank you all!

Kirsten Sippel-Klug

AnneMarie said...

Dear Kirsten,

Sending support from here, too! I think what you have done is spectacular and I love that you have chosen to support DSLRF with your words and with your fundraising efforts.

Wishing you all the best and big hugs to your friends who are proudly wearing those Army of Women T-shirts in support of you and such a wonderful organization.


gina said...

YOU are stronger than you think! Never forget that!! As a two year survivor - I am sending you my thoughts prayers and support! Stay strong! :) Gina

Patricia said...

Hello Kirsten, I am Mike Bower’s sister and saw your link on Anna’s fb page. I am impressed with the Army of Women and would like to support you in prayer and donated in honor of “Haubzach Fort”, your hiking group. I love Germany and have heard so much about you and Serra for many years.
God Bless and stay strong.
Pat Bowers

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