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Happy Father’s Day!

With Father’s Day just around the corner, our thoughts go to all the husbands, fathers, supporters, and male breast cancer survivors out there.  Breast Cancer does not discriminate!  And whether you are the individual diagnosed or their invaluable source of support, everyone is deeply affected by a breast cancer diagnosis.

In this post, we’d like to honor and thank all the fathers, brothers, and male supporters who have or are currently guiding a loved one through a breast cancer journey.  Your care and undying support is a vessel of strength, and crucial to preserving optimism (and generating a few good laughs) along the way.

As we’ve toured the country over the years, talking about breast cancer and the Foundation, We find that we are as likely to meet a woman who has had breast cancer as we are a man whose wife or sister has been affected by this disease.  It pleases us to see so many good men out there supporting the special women in their lives by participating in walks, advocating for access to treatment, joining research studies, etc.  It is a true testament to the human spirit, as all are vigorously dedicated to the same goal: ending this disease so that no one—man or women—has to watch someone they love go through it.

As you think about the Father’s you know and love, we hope that you will consider honoring them this Father’s Day with a gift to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. Your contribution will help push forward, bringing us closer to our goal of moving breast cancer beyond a cure and ending it once and for all.

Not only do we believe this is possible, we know that there are a lot of Father’s who are counting on us to do it. And we are not going to let them down.

Happy Father’s Day!

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

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