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Calling All Females in the United States Who Have or Had Breast Cancer

We need women in the United States who underwent surgical treatment for ANY type of breast cancer, including LCIS, DCIS, and Stage IV metastatic breast cancer, to take part in an on-line survey designed to explore the impact of breast cancer surgery on long-term health, quality of life, and satisfaction with care. A research team at Duke University will use the information collected from the survey to help guide surgical decision-making and optimize the long-term health of women newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

Please read on to learn more about what is involved and who can participate. And please don’t forget to tell any of your female friends or family members ANYWHERE IN THE US who are breast cancer survivors about this on-line study!

What’s the study about?

The overall goal of this study is to learn about the impact of breast-conserving surgery/lumpectomy, mastectomy, and mastectomy with breast reconstruction on a woman’s quality of life, general health care experience, and satisfaction with care and outcomes.

What’s involved?

If you’re interested in this study, you will be asked 5 questions to see if you meet the criteria to sign up for the study. If you are eligible to participate, you will receive a link to the study. If you sign up for the Evaluating Patient Reported Outcomes in Breast Cancer study, you will be contacted via email by the research team with instructions on completing the on-line screening form and surveys.

You will be asked to provide basic demographic information (such as age and ethnicity) and answer questions about your breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, overall health, problems or complaints related to breast cancer and its treatment, and the impact of cancer on your life. The full survey will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete. You can complete the survey in more than one sitting; you can take breaks as needed.

Who is conducting the study?

Dunya Atisha, MD, and Amy Abernethy, MD, at Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC


Anywhere in the United States – this is an on-line study which you will be able to complete either on a desktop, laptop, or iPad-like technology.

Who can participate?

You can sign up for the Evaluating Patient Reported Outcomes in Breast Cancer study if you meet ALL of these MAIN criteria:

• You are a woman over the age of 18

• You have had a previous diagnosis OR a current diagnosis of breast cancer of any stage. This includes those who have had a previous OR current diagnosis of LCIS, DCIS, or Stage IV metastatic breast cancer.

• You had surgery to treat your breast cancer

• You have access to the Internet and are willing to complete an on-line survey

• You live in the United States

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Harriette said...

Ihave logged in for the study and sent a e-mail to my daughter , but I am not sure of next step

“There Ain’t No Draft No More” | regrounding said...

[...] Start today with a recently opened study for women 18+ who underwent surgery for any stage of breast [...]

linda said...

I tried to RSVP but the fact that I live in the USA didn’t appear and so was told I didn’t qualify when I tried to fix it it said i had already RSVP’d is there any way to resubmit?

June said...

I think this will be an eye opening study, something gals facing treatment decisions can use. It may also reveal trends, pitfalls, success stories.

I look forward to receiving instructions for the next step.

drlove said...

Dear Harriette: Thank you for signing up for this study! You should have received an e-mail from the researchers at Duke University who are conducting the study. This e-mail would have contained the link to the on-line survey and your log-in information. If you did not receive an e-mail from Duke, please send an e-mail to so we can follow up with the research team. We apologize for any confusion and thank you for your support!

drlove said...

Dear Linda: Thank you for your interest in this study! Our system only allows one RSVP per member, per study, so you unfortunately will not be able to resubmit your RSVP. However, if you are still interested in participating and you meet all of the requirements, we would be happy to pass your information along to the research team conducting the study so they can contact you. If interested, please e-mail us at Thank you for your patience and support!

Angelique said...

I saw Dr. Susan Love speak at a Women’s Leadership conference in McLean, VA and everything she had to say made so much sense to me. I’ve passed the information about these studies on to everyone I know.

For me personally, breast cancer has not been a threat in my family’s medical health history. And, it was good to know that the new medical guidelines put out were applicable to me and that I should not be needlessly undergoing radiation more than necessary.

I am 41 with no medical history of breast cancer in my family and I will not be imposing yearly (perhaps bi-annually) mammogram testing on my health insurance company or my body until I reach the age of 50. Thank you for your information, Susan, I really appreciate the sound and medically proven advice that you gave us that day. It was eye-opening.


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