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It Takes an Army: Dolores’ Story - Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer

October 13 is National Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day! Help us educate more women about this incurable form of breast cancer. Learn from people with Metastatic Breast Cancer in our It Takes an Army Stories.  What we learn from Dolores is “The face of metastatic breast cancer is changing and I’m one of them.”

Meet Dolores. This is her story, in her own words…

I had my first normal mammogram at 40. Then in 2006, I had a surgical biopsy with some calcifacations - “you’re okay,” they reassured me. In 2008, I had to have a needle aspiration and again they said “you’re okay.”

Christmas week 2009, “nipple inverted” and I was told to get everything done ASAP. And bingo Breast Cancer: January 15, 2010.

That Febuary, I was told, ‘Oh I’m sorry it spread to your ovaries, spot on the liver and bones.’ And yes the other breast too. I am like “WHAT??? How can this be?”

My poor husband and my family. Thank god i have no kids, because then it would’ve been sooo hard to handle this. Knowing that i might not see them grow up.

Well, I started my treatment asap for 6 months. And I continue to work all through treatment which was not that bad. I did tamoxifen for 3 months that didn’t work, onto xeloda for a year, which has stopped working and now I’m onto Gemzar that I started in November 2010. YIPPIE!!

I say “cancer is living with me, “I’m not living with cancer”. I will not let it rule or take my life. To tell you the truth it changed my life for the better my life is good believe it or not. Do i want this? HELL NO!! But ‘it is’ what it is. And i will put up a damn good fight.

The face of metastatic breast cancer is changing and I’m one of them. I live a very normal and productive life due to the advances in the medicine. And i know they are so close to finding a cure.

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The Army of Women is currently recruiting women who have Metastatic Breast Cancer for the Phase Ib Trial of 2nd Generation Designer T Cells in Metastatic Breast Cancer. The researcher would like to enroll about 12 people in this study.

Learn more about this study here - Phase Ib Trial of 2nd Generation Designer T Cells in Metastatic Breast Cancer.  The full list of open studies seeking volunteers are listed at:

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Jana said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I am an old oncology nurse and I am always amazed at the strength my patients have shown in the face of such a terrible disease. You are an inspiration my dear, don’t ever give up that fight. It can be won and I am more hopeful now than ever before. God Bless you and keep you and find a cure, Jana

Today Is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day | Dr. Susan Love Blog said...

[...] is cured and not every cancer is found early.  Today we honor women like Nancy, Terri, and Dolores, who share their stories with us to spread awareness and demand progress for the thousands living [...]

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