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Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Who would have thought that on October 1, 2008, we would launch a breast cancer revolution?

But that’s exactly what happened when I went on the TODAY Show that morning and, surrounded by women of all ages and ethnicity, with and without breast cancer, who joined me at Rockefeller Plaza, announced that we were going to change the face of breast cancer research forever!

We knew that there were women and men throughout the U.S. who wanted to step up to the plate and be part of the research that would help us find the cause of breast cancer and stop it once and for all.

But to have 359,000 people ready to say “Sign me up!”—that we never expected!  And to have 72% of our members be women who have never had breast cancer—that we never expected either!  You helped build a movement that has not only surpassed our wildest dreams but has created a new model for how research should be done—and we applaud each and every one of you!

Over the past three years, the Army of Women has launched more than 54 studies and, because of you, many of these were closed within weeks. Amazingly, more than 55,000 of you RSVP’ed to a Call to Action to say you were ready to sign up. That’s why scientists have been singing our praises from the podiums at breast cancer scientific meetings. That’s why we have been invited to talk about the Army of Women at meetings sponsored by two of the country’s leading research organizations, the American Association for Cancer Research and the National Cancer Institute.  And that’s why organizations in Australia and Scotland are now using the Army of Women as a model to get women involved in the breast cancer research that is taking place in those countries!

YOU have helped us to change the way science is done. But our job is not yet over. We still have work to do. Most importantly, we need to increase our recruitment of younger women, as well as women of color, so that we can make sure everyone is represented in the research. We have many exciting projects in the pipeline, including the Health of Women study, which will give all of you an opportunity to take part in a study that is looking into potential new risk factors for breast cancer. We are also working to improve the Army of Women website, and will be implementing some cool new features to help you stay connected with us.

We want to thank every single one of you for taking part in this revolution to move breast cancer beyond a cure. We also want to thank all of the researchers who have worked with us over the past three years and have utilized the Army of Women for their studies.

We are so proud of what we have accomplished, but this really is just the beginning. We don’t intend to stop until we know the cause and how to prevent breast cancer once and for all—and we know you don’t either. Happy Anniversary!

P.S. Do you know that your friends and family can sign up for the Army of Women via text? Tell them to text armyofwomen to 46637 to be part of the revolution!

Donna said...

I am so happy to be part of this great organization from the beginning. I’m looking forward to my Foot Soldier responsibilities, and to being part of the solution for this terrible disease.

Rebecca said...

I also am an excited member of the Army of Women. I am a grandmother who never grew up with this technology that has made this possible. What an awesome time to be on this planet. Keep up the good fight.

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