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Notre Dame of Maryland Recruits for Army of Women

To build our Army of Women, we’re getting help from all over the country. Even Dr. Susan Love’s alma mater, Notre Dame of Maryland Class of 1970, is getting in on the act! In addition to hosting her at an “Army of Women Research Rally,” they also produced this PSA video to help us recruit more volunteers for breast cancer research!

Watch the PSA now!

The event was a kick-off to an Army of Women recruitment drive where Notre Dame has committed to registering at least 25,000 women for the Army of Women! The event included a discussion with Dr. Susan Love, researchers and Army of Women volunteers.

During the discussion, researchers talked about the important role the Army of Women played in their research studies and an Army of Women member talked about what it’s like to actually participate in a study.

Watch the panel discussion now!

Thank you Notre Dame of Maryland!!

Mary Jo said...

I liked Dr. Love’s comments about cancer cells in the right neighborhood behaving like normal cells. It was a simple explanation, but emphasized to me how important it will be to strive to keep those those neighborhoods in my body healthy.

Dr. Susan Love Blog » My Alma Mater Notre Dame of Maryland Recruits for Our Army of Women said...

[...] can watch the PSA as well as the panel discussion about breast cancer research that we held at Notre Dame of Maryland in conjunction with the Research [...]

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