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Research Results: Latina Breast Cancer Survivors Quality of Life Study

Army of Women volunteers recently participated in a study called “Quality of Life in Latina Breast Cancer Survivors.”  This study at Georgetown University was investigating how cultural factors influenced quality of life in Latina breast cancer survivors.

The Army of Women provided the researchers with more than 125 women who were interested in enrolling in the study! In this webinar, Dr. Susan Love introduces us to Dr. Kristi Graves, who reviews the valuable insights learned from Latina breast cancer survivors.

This was an important study because Latinas are an understudied group of breast cancer survivors. The factors that shape their quality of life and adaptation to cancer diagnosis and treatment over time – could include cultural values and views of illness, degree of acculturation, social networks, access to and experiences during medical interactions, language barriers and ability to understand and use health information, and life burdens and stresses.


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