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Pepsi Refresh Everything Update

Over the past several months, you have been helping the Army of Women in our effort to win a $250K grant from the Pepsi Refresh Everything campaign.  We really appreciate your daily efforts to vote for us all three ways, every day!

Unfortunately, we did not finish the month in first or second place to win the grant.  And sadly, we are now no longer in contention.

We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm & your daily voting efforts.  And yes, the daily email reminder will now be switched off.

Now, we want to hear from you! We want your feedback:

  • Should the Army of Women re-apply for the Pepsi Refresh Everything grant?
  • Do you think the Army of Women should pursue a different grant level ($50K, $25K) where we only have to place in the top 10?
  • What would motivate you to help get other people involved in the voting process?

Let us know your thoughts as we decide if we should try again over the next couple of months.  Please share your ideas (or concerns) in the comments section below.

And remember you can always still help us every day, by simply forwarding an Army of Women email newsletter or by inviting your friends & family to sign up at

Daniella said...

Yes of course the Army should reapply! Same grant level.

Marcia said...

I didn’t vote because my conscience wouldn’t let me. I believe that Pepsi and other Pepsi products with so much sugar and/or artificial sweeteners and artificial flavorings are among the many products that have contributed to the rise in heart disease and cancers of all kind in our country. I feel that an association with Pepsi puts AOW in the position of promoting the product. It’s an unhealthy message.

Becky said...

Yes, re-apply but make the voting easier, (somehow). When someone has to go thru several clicks and steps they are less likely to take the time to vote.

Renee said...

Yes, sign up again. Same level or lower. It might be easier to achieve a lower level. How close were we? If we were very close, then I would opt for the same level. If we were far from it,then I would opt for a lower level. Try to keep the voting process simple, if you can, but definitely provide these opportunities for us. As far as Marcia (above) is concerned, I do understand her position, but I would like to use these means that are available to us, to help women overcome cancer…..

Andrea said...

I agree with Marcia, Pepsi and other soft drinks contribute to creating the unhealthy environment that cancer needs to thrive. I teach nutritional support classes to people with cancer and the #1 food to stay away from is sugar, which feeds cancer. Artificial sweeteners are toxic to the human body too. Sodas are very acidic and cause the body to sacrifice calcium to buffer and neutralize those acids…this leads to osteoporosis and contributes to lowering the ph in the body which is exactly what cancer needs to thrive. I don’t think Army of Women should be involved with Pepsi in any way because it promotes the product and sends the wrong message. I understand that people just don’t understand the link between diet (lifestyle) and cancer. It does matter tremendously what we put in our bodies. We need to get educated, this is my message in the work I do as a Nutritionist and Health Educator.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, we can and should do this again but give us a heads up to put all our forces into a time frame. We were close at first because we started with real energy but burnt out. If we target a month, we can throw more of our time and energy into the campaign. We can notify friends and handout flyers about the campaign. If it just goes on and on our resources are spread out and less effective. Give us a get ready, set, go!

Linda said...

I definitely think it’s worth re-applying, and while I can understand others’ concerns about being connected with Pepsi, I also think that an opportunity like this can’t be passed up. We don’t have to consume the beverage or encourage others to do so, and because Pepsi IS a well-known name, they have the resources to help our cause tremendously.

I also agree that attempting to vote daily over a very extended period of time just became too much. If we could shorten the time span and really do one or two big pushes, that would be very helpful.

Esperanza said...

Yes,we should try,and keep trying, only good can come out of this, and even if its not for the same amount,any dime,nickel,penny,adds up and can only make things better even if it takes a little longer.

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