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Vote Pink this December!

We still need your vote!

We wanted to take time to THANK YOU for voting every day to help the Army of Women win a $250,000 grant through the Pepsi Refresh Everything campaign.

Unfortunately, we did not win the grant last month. But we have incredible news: The Army of Women is eligible to compete again for the grant in December! And this month, with your continued support, we’ll be unstoppable.

So, please continue to vote and encourage your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and all those who are touched by breast cancer to help us find the cause, so we can prevent it in the first place.

We have also partnered with another great breast cancer organization, Casting for Recovery, and are hoping to grab the top two spots in the 250K category. How amazing would it be if TWO breast cancer organizations win the top spot? We can do this with your vote.

Vote for the Army of Women and Casting for Recovery every day in December. There are 1-2-3 Ways to Vote / Every Day, and YES, you can vote ALL THREE ways everyday…here’s how:

1) Vote online at:

2) Vote on Facebook at:

3) Send a Text message to Vote:
Text 103297 to “73774″ (PEPSI) every day. (Standard text messaging rates apply)

Remind Me—Picture Me on the Pink Vespa!
Since we’re continuing the contest in December, this also means that you can still win the Pink Vespa motor scooter by joining our daily reminder email list! The special edition pink Vespa LX 150 motor scooter was generously donated to the Foundation by VESPA USA! Click here for details and to sign up for the daily reminder.

Why We Need Your Vote:
Outreach to More Minority Women, PSAs & Mobile Campaign

This is an important grant for us because it will help us with much needed funds to launch a campaign that will change the face of breast cancer research by getting ALL women enrolled in the Army of Women.

We will use the grant from Pepsi to launch a mobile campaign that will allow women to use text messaging to sign up for the Army of Women. Our goal is to reach hundreds of thousands of minority women and get them involved in our amazing initiative. We will also create a print PSA campaign that will tell women everywhere how to send a text message to join the Army of Women.

Thank you in advance for your daily clicks to vote for us! We’re only a few clicks away from the $250,000 grant to support breast cancer research and taking us beyond a cure for breast cancer.

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