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3,000 new members in 3 weeks! Thank you all.

Wow, we are still trying to catch our breath here in Los Angeles, and trying to stay afloat during the pink frenzy surrounding us this October. Thanks to many supporters, Foot Soldiers, and AOW members we have certainly been keeping that ticker busy on our homepage. We have leaped over the 340,000 mark, recruiting over 3,000 members in less than 3 weeks!

Our Foot Soldiers have been busy bees this month and have really energized those around them, encouraging women everywhere to sign up for the Army of Women. Foot Soldiers from Los Angeles to Florida to New York have helped represent the Army of Women during our promotion with Reebok in October at select locations, recruiting women to sign up, right there on-site! We signed up over 350 women all together! Some Foot Soldiers have been busy hosting and arranging their own events to get the word out there. One New Jersey Foot Soldier has arranged for her salon to host an event promoting the Army of Women, and the salon is even providing iPads in-store, on hand, that will be open to the Army of Women homepage, ready for sign-ups! Paint the Mall Pink is a promotion that Simon Mall Properties is focused on this October for Breast Cancer Awareness and has graciously offered our Foot Soldiers the opportunity to table right in the center of select participating malls. With thousands of shoppers, our Foot Soldiers are sure to engage and recruit, hopefully, hundreds of women!

Just as important as it is to have women on the front lines, getting out there and spreading the word, we also need people behind the scenes, as well. To mark the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we reached out to influential bloggers and invited them to participate in our Blog for your Breasts Day campaign. With over 200 bloggers having signed on, we got the social media world buzzing about the Army of Women and how important it is to sign up and help move breast cancer beyond a cure. We couldn’t have done this without such compassionate, dedicated bloggers and we continue to see the fruits of their labor as we wade through the pink storm that is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As we approach the eye of the pink storm, it’s important to remember that when the storm clears, we still need to make waves! As we all know, breast cancer awareness is important, but not just during October. It’s important every single day, of every single month. So, while we capitalize on all that October has to offer, we still must not lose sight of the months to come. It’s crucial that we do all we can to raise awareness about the Army of Women. If you haven’t sent an invitation to your friends/family members to sign up for the Army of Women, what are you waiting for? Invite them today and help us get closer to our goal of ONE MILLION WOMEN strong. Together, we can eradicate breast cancer, once and for all.

Invite 5 friends today!

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Lynn said...

There is no cure for cancer in the near future. You are wrong to give people a sense that there is a cure coming soon and that there are happy survivors everywhere we turn. I, for one, am not a happy survivor and live in constant fear of cancer’s return.However, at least I am not a cock-eyed optimist putting on a happy face and pretending to have experienced a life altering spiritual journey when in reality all it is a one long nightmare. Your hype is just hype…for business or whatever…….

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