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The Pink Vespa Summer Update

A busy month for the pink Vespa – sprinting from garage sales to bake sales!

Who knew one could register nearly 30 new Army of Women members at a garage sale? Drape a pink table cloth over a table, place an AOW sign on top, add a pink clipboard with lots of sign-up sheets and you’re in business! It does, of course, help to have the adorable pink Vespa adorned with Army of Women stickers on display as well. And “No, it is not for sale at any price!”

Our neighborhood garage sale turned into a great opportunity to sign new members. (And for my daughter to sell a bit of her extensive wardrobe - an entrepreneur is born!)

Then onto pink fire trucks, complete with firemen in pink fire fighting gear, and incredibly beautiful and tasty treats which greeted us at several Bake for Hope events which support the Susan G Komen Foundation. The bakers extraordinaire, donning iridescent pink wigs and aprons, Julie, Tabitha, Kathy and other volunteers enthusiastically welcomed us.

Dwarfing the petit Vespa were two huge pink fire trucks from Pink Heals “The Guardians of the Ribbon”. These firefighters and police officers drive across the country with their pink fire trucks to support women. A great bunch of truly dedicated guys. You can check them out at

Thanks to all the Bake for Hope volunteers for your support!!!!! Bentley loved the doggie cookies! I gained 5 pounds and we registered lots of new Army volunteers!

The message - Don’t miss any opportunity to spread the word about the Love/Avon Army of Women. Any gathering is an opportunity! Heck, I even signed up three nice Utah ladies in a parking lot of a garden store in Sedona. See what I mean? Let’s all keep at it until we reach one million strong!

Well, Arizona will be hitting 112 degrees in a few days. The cool days are over and the heat is on. Despite my usual fortitude, when the thermometer is over 110, I won’t be cruising on the scooter. Yes, it is a dry heat… kind of comparable to the environment of a convection oven!

Perhaps the pink scooter will join the annual Arizona summer migration to the beaches of San Diego and cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway. Very cool. Plenty of women to join the Love/Avon Army of Women there!

*For more information about how to recruit for the Army of Women like Betsy’s doing, email

Betsy and the troops

Sheilah said...

There are others that do a similar thing. Members of Gray Lady Riders keep buffs on their bikes to give to women that are going through the ravages of chemo. We give them a buff and tell them the following.

“This is a badge of honor. Today you use it to cover your hair, tomorrow, you will use it as a scarf, a top, a skirt or anything else that you want. This buff is a reminder of what is important in life. If anyone ever asks you about the buff - just tell them that a crazy woman on a motorcyle gave it to you to remember that life is all about the journey and nothing about the destination.” Then we hug the woman and continue on our trip. We never do it as a group - only as individuals.

When you are on your pink vespa, get some pink buffs - then you too can help tell the story of the journey!

Teddie Lee said...


Elizabeth said...


Thanks for the great idea!

I learn something new every day! Had to look up what a buff was and check out a video on how to wear one. You have inspired me.

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