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Army of Women Pink Vespa Blog

Hi, fellow Army members.

Well, the day has come, it’s finally here, my very first Vespa Blog!!

To kick-off the blog, I thought I’d share my story of how I received my pink Vespa.

Welcomed with balloons and accolades, the incredibly adorable, pink limited addition Vespa was unveiled while surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd of supporters in pink Army of Women T shirts. Working with Go AZ Motorcycles, I was able to host an event at their dealership where I could sign women up for the Army of Women while receiving my long awaited pink Vespa. Having recently taken on the role of Arizona Troop Organizer, I rallied our Arizona Army Soldiers together to come out and get others to support the cause. Go AZ Motorcycles threw us a party cooking up chicken and burgers and ran the Army of Women’s Public Service Announcements over their TV system as new members registered in the cyber cafe.

Nick Quan, Piaggio representative, presented the Vespa and Ashley Casano, a past Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation staff member, told us how she was inspired to become a doctor from working with Dr. Love and the Foundation. She is now in med school right here in the Valley of the Sun and looking forward to working with the Arizona team.

The Arizona Army of Women volunteers are so excited to have this Vespa in our arsenal. It certainly is eye catching and with a big Army of Women decal it will be one of our best tools.

Fortunately, our sunny Arizona weather is conducive to immediately gliding down the road. In much of the country the weather would require a pink snowmobile. (You snow bound Army members in the hard hit cold regions can laugh at me when I am sweating in the 115 degree summer heat.)

Santa/my family presented me with a vintage style black leather motorcycle helmet for protection. So I am ready to hit the road! Our Arizona foot soldiers are excited and our Army is on the move!

Thanks to the whole Go Az Motorcycle crew for all their help and support and of course to Piaggio for the generous donation of the scooter to Army of Women. And to the Phoenix Metro Scooter Club for publicizing the event on their site and accepting me as their newest member.

The Army of Women Pink Vespa winner and blogger!

Bob Kauffman, Nancy Woolridge, Kim Brown (Foot soldier, Miami), Phyllis Schibonski, Betsy Kauffman on scooter, Jeanne Janicke, Jacki Staff (Foot Soldier, Phoenix), Leslie Castro, Elizabeth Castro

Bob Kauffman, Nancy Woolridge, Kim Brown (Foot soldier, Miami), Phyllis Schibonski, Betsy Kauffman on scooter, Jeanne Janicke, Jacki Staff (Foot Soldier, Phoenix), Leslie Castro, Elizabeth Castro

Pamela said...

Congrats, Betsy!!

Sharon said...

I joined Army of Women the first day I received the email about it. I wanted to honor my mom’s memory and do what ever I could to help. I have never been able to sign up for anything, because I never fit the category.
That may change, since last Tuesday I was diagnosed with breast cancer myself. I hope I will be able to help in some way in the future.

Sharon Lindau

Debi said...

Congratulations! I love the scooter! Here we have a Harley Davidson Dealership who has a white Harley that survivors, families of those who have lost loved ones to breast cancer, sign. It is full of signatures and those parts will eventually be on display at one of the hospiptals I think. It is such a wonderful way to honor others and bring new people on board. I pray that you may find many blessings as you go about using this tool.

Debi Sierra

Barbara said...

Now that is one cool machine. Enjoy using it as it is sure to draw attention to our cause. I have seen several here in S. Florida and think they are beautiful. I am Stage IV, Metastasized Breast Cancer to the liver, but have some memories of riding on the rear of a “bike” and loving the free feeling it gave me. The Vespa is truly a good source of getting notice for the cancer cause…may you enjoy every second and know that the little pink bike is passing the message along.

Gina said...

Congratulations!! I love that it has an Army of Women decal. I was really fortunate to receive a pink Vespa from my husband for my 40th birthday- a fantastic surprise that has been such fun to ride all over town. I’d love to get a decal for mine- the Vespa is so eye-catching, it would be great to use it to also spread the word about this great organization. Any ideas how I could get one? Enjoy the ride!! :)

Diana said...

This IS such an important group for studies; preventive and curative. We, as a group have so much genomic datum - that is so new nobody yet knows what it means. But we will. To get 1,000,000+ women with BC is essential. Especially for people who have non-ductal BC Like me. Lobular BC is just thrown in with Ductal in studies. The all Lobular BC study groups are so small. We know it is different from Ductal, but how so, is all conjecture.

The Army dwarfs the “huge” ongoing nurse’s health study group. I know- I am a Nurse Practitioner, and have been giving them info, blood etc. for 25 years. But, if we in the Nurse’s group live long enough, only 1 in 8 tops will get BC, and only 5-8% of that sub group will have Lobular, and there’s few more % with Inflammatory, Papillary etc. As 85% of all BC is Ductal; there are too many “orphan groups” of BC survivors. BUT NO MORE!!!I applaud you. Diana ONeill, FNP Long Bch, NY

Susan said...

Hi Betsy. I’m an Arizona Army of Women member. Let me know of other local events. I travel a lot would like to try to be out there wearing the pink! Congrats on your great scooter!! Wear that helmet!

Elizabeth said...

Susan, Wonderful to have another member in Arizona. You can contact me at Would love to let you know of our events and have you join us.

Thanks every one for your support! It helps keep us motivated to hear form each of you.

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