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A Valentine’s Day Gift For You!

This Valentine’s Day and for a limited time, exhale mind body spa and the Love/Avon Army of Women are offering a special gift to anyone who refers a friend or family member to sign up for the Army of Women.

We appreciate your recruitment efforts, so this is our way of thanking you. There is no obligation to exhale whatsoever, you don’t have to pay for a thing, all you need to do is show up with your coupon! This is not an advertisement, this is a partnership. The Love/Avon Army of Women is proud to partner with exhale mind body spa, a company that supports, not only our cause, but women’s wellness. They would love to see our organization grow so that we reach ONE MILLION STRONG , they believe in us, and they’re more than happy to help us get there.

Since exhale spa came to us wanting to support our cause in whatever way, shape or form they could, we wanted to check it out and see what their spa experience would be like. We walked into exhale spa, right here in Santa Monica and thought, “Ok, we could definitely get used to this”. We immediately felt any hint of stress melt away instantly. We also took one of their Core Fusion® classes which was challenging, but well worth it. The instructor was extremely nurturing and encouraging (especially for it being our first time and being completely stiff!) and we felt invigorated afterwards.

Exhale spa is offering a complimentary class like the one we took for Army of Women members. It is an AMAZING feeling when you enter their oasis like environment (Truly! It’s like you’re on vacation!), and provide your body the attention that it needs. We know that stress can put a strain on your life and by incorporating fitness into it, you can only feel better, I definitely did!

Even if you’re not interested in receiving the complimentary class, the coupon could be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your mother, daughter, or sister.

Simply refer one friend or family member and you’ll receive a printable coupon to bring into exhale for your mind body experience. If every member of the Army of Women referred just ONE person, we’d be more than halfway to our goal of reaching ONE million women! Not only do you get to be an instrumental part of making that happen, but you also get rewarded for it! How amazing is that? Reward yourself today by signing up a friend and we’ll all receive the greatest reward of all, an end to breast cancer.

Exhale has locations in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Palm Beach, Miami, Santa Monica, Venice, and Turks and Caicos. For the location closest to you and a complete list of class descriptions, please visit

For rules and more detailed instruction regarding this promotion, click here.

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